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Jeremy Watson

Licensee Salesperson


Jeremy Watsons approach is born of a long career in various kinds of retailing and building client relationships, and he has fresh ideas on how that experience fits within real estate's rapidly changing environment. It is this attitude that immediately appealed to franchise-holders Carey and Jane Simonson.

"Jane said she wanted to take on people open to the new ideas that are happening in the real estate industry. It appeals to me as well because it's much like what I've always done - it's still a people industry, and it's the people side I enjoy."

Jeremy says another thing he loves about real estate is it gives you time to network. "You're doing that all the time, whether you're on the sideline of a sports game or a school function. Everybody asks you what you do, and when you tell them they often say 'I must remember that, because I've got a friend who's thinking of selling their house.'”

Being long-time residents of Taranaki, Jeremy works closely with his partner, Kate Harris - they make the perfect team in and out of the office. Both have selling licences and Kate has eight years experience as a real estate office administrator.

One thing Jeremy especially likes about the real estate business is the chance for some time flexibility. "Between Kate and I, we have five children aged between 3 and 13, all girls. That's another massive thing about real estate, you can be a bit elastic with your hours. You can find time to go to school camps, hang out with the kids. It's all about balance."

When asked what drew him to Ray White, Jeremy responds: "The thing I liked about them is the innovation. As a company they're already ahead of where other companies are in terms of what they pour into their staff, their marketing, their drive. I listened in to a couple of their conferences with the Ray White people in Auckland and the support was amazing, many offers of help with various things. 

Jane and Carey are enthusiastic, excited about what they're doing. That's very contagious."

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