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Landlord Reviews

“I approached Ray White Property Management to rent my house out for the first time. This seemed like a daunting task but was made incredibly simple by the team at Ray White New Plymouth. Jayden has been very easy to communicate with, always went above and beyond, and explained every step of the way clearly. I would highly recommend Ray White Property Management!” – Kim Avery

“Jayden has been a marvellous property manager and he’s made our life a lot easier. From the first time I spoke to Jayden, after he just started, I got a genuine and reassuring vibe from him. He comes across as the type of person who would be willing to go the extra distance, to keep his clients happy. One time he personally delivered a Christmas gift that we had prearranged to give to our tenant. Jayden went to the store, picked it up and personally delivered it after work, in his own time. Jayden is really easy to deal with, he’s flexible, he’s not afraid of details and he explains things really well. I don’t think we could be any happier with any other property Manager. – Chris and Brunetta Brown

“Jayden Lane has managed my rental property for over a year now. I have found him to be tirelessly efficient, and always pleasant and professional to deal with. I can tell from my numerous phone and email interactions with Jayden that he has the best interests of not only his clients but also their tenants at heart. When I first bought my rental property I signed up with a husband and wife property management company, as I strongly felt that a smaller company dealing exclusively with rental property management would provide me with a more personalised and greater quality of service. When that company was absorbed by Ray White and the property manager I had been dealing with moved on, I was concerned that the level of service I had been receiving would drop. Nothing could have been further from the truth. When the management of my rental property was shifted to Jayden, I continued to receive excellent service from him and I still do to this day. Jayden has efficiently and decisively co-ordinated maintenance and healthy homes work for me, paying attention to what I want at all times and then achieving exactly that. He has brokered two rent increases for me, and really listened to my concerns about making sure the rent is not increased so much that the long-term tenant will be scared off into finding another property. Jayden has provided an excellent level of personal service on those occasions, recommending a fair rate with regard to the market and tenants current rent, and feeding back to me how the rent increase was received by the tenant. In 2022 I went overseas for three months and didn’t think about my rental property once in that time; secure in the knowledge that Jayden had it covered. Since then I have taken a pay cut to change careers and have also been at the mercy of rising home loan interest rates. In looking to where I could save money in my budget, self-management of my rental property was not something I chose, even though I am capable of it: I value too much the peace of mind I have with Jayden looking after it while I do my own busy day job. I had a poor view of the way that real estate companies deliver rental property management services prior to having mine managed by Ray White, and Jayden has been huge part of changing that view entirely – he is an asset to Ray White and he is certainly an asset to his clients. Give that man a pay rise.” – Laura

Tenant Reviews

“Jayden made finding a rental property very easy. He was able to work the viewings around our schedule, was prompt with processing the application and kept us up to date the entire time. Since we have been in the property any maintenance issues and requests have been well managed and we have been cared for as tenants.Thanks again for all your help!” – Paris Brown and Corey Pretty-Stone

“Jayden is the best property manager I’ve ever dealt with. He is personable, professional and purposeful. Each interaction has been a positive experience, light hearted, while also feeling like there has been clear communication and clear expectations set. Having a property manager who is (seemingly) enthusiastic and enjoys their job really makes a difference! Definitely give him an award!” – Keziah Parata

“I am writing this to show my support and appreciation for Jayden Lane and the services provided through Ray White Real Estate. He found my baby son and I a flat to reside in in 2022 and we found him very efficient and professional. However, I am very appreciative of the recent service he provided this year. My son reached the age where he started to walk and wanted to explore the outdoors more. I reached out to Jayden and explained that I needed a bigger home that was safer for my son to venture outside and play. Jayden was fantastic in finding us the ideal home and was very quick, professional and friendly throughout the process of having to move houses. There were a few small things that needed fixing/replacing in the new house and he had this sorted within a few short days, managing to work around my busy schedule as a mum and as a social worker. I appreciate Jayden’s work ethic and believe he is very deserving of an award to highlight his work in the Taranaki community.” – Sinead Thomas-Ngatai

“Jayden Lane has been my elderly father's rental agent for quite a while now and he is fantastic! Jayden is one of the nicest, friendly and obliging guys you can know! He treats my father with kindness and respect every inspection and in-between. If anything goes wrong, Jayden is quick to action a remedy, keeps us informed all the way and is just great at his job!! I highly recommend Jayden be rewarded for his hard work and dedication to the job!” – Max O’Leary

“I’d just like to give a big thank you to my property manager Jayden Lane, My children and I are new to New Plymouth and were in desperate need of a rental home, Jayden found our perfect place which we have been in for 4 months now and absolutely love it, he is fast, friendly and efficient to deal with, all queries I’ve had have been responded with straight away, he has a very professional approach, awesome work ethics. I highly recommend Jayden.” – Lydia Warner

“I have been and currently am renting through Ray White in New Plymouth. My property manager Jayden Lane had taken over my rental property agreement halfway through my tenancy in my last rental at Norwich Avenue last year maybe. Have to say the type and amount of service, professionalism, results when having any issues with the property, communication, and problem solving was absolutely awesome. I had been given 63 days notice to move out due to the landlord moving family in obviously with being a parent that became extremely stressful especially with the renting crisis and shortage of rentals around NZ, plus packing, looking for properties, viewing properties, applying for properties and still having to pack in such small amount of time, I’d become extremely overwhelmed as I’d already had so much going on including my son being due for surgery 6 days after having to be moved out. However even after applying for anything and everything suitable I could, talking to other property managers in different companies and advertising via social media etc Ray White – Jayden included had offered there support amongst others to reassure me they’d do everything they could to help accommodate me with moving if a rental became available with a good reference to support my application as I try to stay being a good tenant. Jayden had helped me by finding and showing me a home that was going to be available after seeing and applying for so many properties that were taken too quickly, too expensive, not accommodating etc he understood the basic things I needed in a property to accommodate my toddler and I and was able to support my application. I am so lucky and greatful to have an amazing team at Ray white New Plymouth and property manager that can get the job done as it was such a big stress lifted off my shoulders. The tenancy paperwork and info etc was a smooth transition and the move if it wasn’t for them I would’ve ended up on a list for emergency housing still. Just want to say thank you to the team for a stunning job, I’m so happy with the service.” – Kirsten Evans

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